The Clinical Research Centre Convex is a fully equipped facility for human research studies of medicines, biotechnological products, medical devices, food supplements and other products.

The facility covers all requirements for conducting high quality clinical research and is designed for the conducting of clinical research studies in healthy volunteers and patient populations.

We utilize state-of-the art equipment:

  • Medical monitoring equipment, including ECGs, electronic blood pressure monitors, Holter monitors and Emergency resuscitation equipment
  • Refrigerated and ambient centrifuges
  • Freezers supporting 4°C, -20°C and -70°C supplied with real-time temperature monitoring and alarm systems
  • Synchronized clocking system in the clinical procedures room, volunteer rooms and recreation area
  • Pull-cord and push-button emergency devices in the volunteer rooms and in the bathrooms
  • Wireless internet access with high-speed internet connection
  • Audio communication system
  • 24/7 extensive hi-tech external/internal security monitoring and video surveillance system
  • High definition TVs
  • Computer area with desktop computers
  • DVD library and video games
  • Alarm system including an intrusion detection system and panic buttons
  • Fire alarm system connected to the central Fire Safety and Civil Protection unit
  • Standby generator in the event of power failure, covering the whole premises of the CRC
  • Catered meals individually planned for the different studies
  • Courtesy telephones
  • Public transportation with drop-off/pick-up sites in front of the CRC